Hinterland Group Inc. is covered by the following Florida State Licenses: CGC1520354, CUC1224634, EC13003615 & CBC1255077



PGA Waste Water Treatment Plant Filter Feed Pond Bypass

Seacoast’s award winning PGA Regional Water Reclamation facility incorporates the latest in pollution control and water recycling technology. This 12.0 million gallons per day state of the art treatment plant features a range of physical, biological, chemical and odor control processes operated around the clock. Hinterland Group is well under construction on the current upgrades to the Filter Pond Bypass, allowing the Utility to increase their capacity for backwash filter reservoirs within the plant. Several hundred feet of large diameter pressurized force main have been installed throughout the existing plant infrastructure. Our experienced crews most recently completed a section of pipe install which had multiple existing duct banks and utility conflicts quickly and without any incident. Kudos to team Hinterland for another job well done!

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Martin County Hobe Heights Emergency Flooding Services

Martin County's public works first called Hinterland Group on June 5th 2020 at 10:00pm to help aid in pumping the flood water from the impacted areas in Martin County. Over the course of time from June 5th to June 17th Hinterland’s emergency response team had six 6” pumps and two 8” pumps throughout Martin County neighborhoods with over 4000’ of hoses spread out at each pump to help discharge the water away from the residence homes. The Hobe Heights neighborhood was impacted the most with dozens of homes damaged by the rainfall and even some mailboxes were nearly under water on particular streets. Hinterland was instructed to have Three of our pumps setup in the Hobe heights neighborhood. Hinterland and Martin County staff placed these pumps in certain areas to drain each street as quickly as possible.

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Charlotte County Stormwater Collection System Rehabilitation

Hinterland Group is uniquely positioned as a one-stop shop for pipeline rehabilitation solutions. Recently, a client identified a 36” HDPE pipe that had collapsed, causing a sinkhole in very close proximity to a resident's house and pool. Hinterland quickly mobilized one crew to set up well-points, shoring and perform a point repair, a second crew to clean the segment that was 85% compacted with debris, followed by a CIPP crew to line the following day. Whereas the owner might typically need to call three separate contractors, coordinate schedules and likely incur a higher expense, Hinterland was able to set themselves apart from the competition and resolve the issue in quick fashion – much to the relief of the utility and property owner.

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